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Friday, 3 February 2012

not what I thought my first blog would be about.. (or the unexpected [re]push)

The Royal Rumble.

Going in I had so many fantasies about what the outcome would be; who would shine, rumble ‘Legend’ returns and if there would be any surprise returns to the main roster. I thought the latter may be even more promising in light of Randy Orton's early return for Smackdown and for some reason I just kept getting Batista's music stuck in my head in the build up. I'm not sure why, I never liked him (with the exception of the incredible match he had against Undertaker that year at Wrestlemania). I try not to read spoilers where possible, especially regarding PPV info so my imagination occasionally runs wild, but in real terms I was really looking forward to seeing the rising stars have some exciting stand out Rumble moments. 

The potential for some real propulsion for new characters was unending and although I felt the Rumble was fun, it just didn't create many moments for its current top (or rising to the top) roster stars, (I’m intentionally ignoring the fantastic end segment with Sheamus and and Jericho). It felt a little like the WWE wanted us to recognise The Miz and Cody Rhodes as major threats just by being there. This is not to say that either superstar came across badly, in fact Cody looked very strong, but just didn’t have a major maniacal Cody Rhodes moment that I can recall. 

However, for me personally I feel the experience of the rumble was altered this year, and this is where I start to get to the surprise in the blog. This year I watched the rumble with both of my brothers, who at various points over our lives have fallen in and out of wrestling. The tradition that stands in our family is that we try to get together to watch Wrestlemania and even though we all got together last year, about a third of the way into the match one bro remarked, ‘I don’t know who anyone is!’. In truth he was familiar with The Miz, recognized Dolph Ziggler (mainly understanding his position from the WWE Championship match earlier) and had forgotten Cody Rhodes - it proved to me what a big year its been for Rhodes. However what happened next surprised me. The same brother later remarked, ‘Is Kofi Kingston still in it?’, the very next entry was Kofi Kingston and both my brothers went crazy, and I think its safe to say the crowd did as well.

Kofi Kingston.

It was Kingston. Kofi Kingston, who entered the Rumble with just about the only pyro display on the roster (other than the newly added Funkasaurus, or returned Y2J), stepping up in new ring attire who brought some serious energy and much needed zest to the ring. I realised that I had been underestimating his position within the company for some time. He has provided a lot of the major spots in the Money in the Bank matches (possibly a reason he’s always in them) and he’s one of the only roster members who’s had respectable multiple time Intercontinental Championship reigns and hasn’t risen to World title status. He was put in place to birth a new tag team division, its such a shame that has been de-railed, even if only temporarily. Its also interesting that in a Rumble match that lacked flare he provided a spot of inspiration, a spot so simple its surprising it hasn’t been done before, but a spot executed so perfectly that every fan from front row enthusiasts to families in the top tier applauded heartily. 
 Its promising that the very next night Kingston was booked to win over The Miz, in a clean victory no less AND that he will feature in the title match at Elimination Chamber. I truly hope this is another opportunity for Kingston to break through - I suspect this is time kill until/if Evan Bourne returns – but I have surprised myself in becoming interested in the guy. I’ve always sort of ignored him, but I’m realising now he’s one of the more senior roster members and he has some notoriety in public conscience.

Possible break out moment for Kofi Kingston? I hope so, or maybe I’m just excited by the fact he’s dressing up like The Riddler. 

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