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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Wrestlemania Time

Only because I feel that it would be disrespectful to let Wrestlemania pass by without writing something, here I am with my thoughts on this years event.
I’m not going to do predictions, I really don’t like reading them. Instead I’m just going to put down general thoughts and the excitement I have for the matches that have especially grabbed my attention. Oh and I’m not going to say anything about the ‘Divas’ match other than it has absolutely no draw for anyone. I don’t even know who Maria Menounos is, I know I probably spelt her name wrong but that just proves my point.. Good with that out of the way…
The World Heavyweight Championship match should be great. Daniel Bryan is my current favourite (see more in the forthcoming ROH study). His title run has been fantastic in my mind. While many have said he wasn’t ready to pick up the belt, I’d argue that he has provided some of the best entertainment in recent months and while the match against Sheamus hasn’t really been built on story, in a sense its stronger for it. The match is just what it is, two rising stars fighting for the title. It also has the extra attraction that this match was cut (rather confusingly) from last years card. With such a backlash from fans I think WWE made the smart move holding it this year, it reminds me of Leeds/Reading festival one year – The White Stripes were scheduled to play and then Jack White broke his hand. As a solution they were announced as headline act for the next years event, this could also be likened to the Cena/Rock match. Obviously outside of all this the idea that D.Bryan has become a twerp is the main story – Sheamus just happens to be the top face that can take him down, its just a good old fashioned wrestling angle with a fresh face. I’m really looking forward to this match and am thrilled that it’s happening.
Punk and Jericho has had some real ups and downs throughout the feud. I’ve enjoyed the highs and I think Punk is coming off really well. I’d almost be happy if the match just consisted of Punk repeatedly elbowing Jericho in the face for his recent playground bullying. But by that I mean the result of this feud is exactly what it should be – making the audience desperate to see Punk get his revenge. I’d also add Jericho’s trolling since his return has been frustratingly fun and keeping him off TV for the last two weeks has only made him seem more manipulative.
I’m excited to see where the battle for the brands goes, should be good midcard mayhem and I’m really pleased with the fact Cody Rhodes has a singles match for the IC Title.
I really don’t need to say anything about ‘The End of an Era’ match. However I would like to offer an alternative take on the title. To me the era in question is actually the era since ‘Ruthless Aggression’. Although its true that the Triple H and ‘Taker were involved with the ‘Attitude Era’ and the stipulation for their match this year reinforces that, ‘The Streak’ has only been a major selling point for the event for the last five or six years. Before this the streak was increasingly involved with Wrestlemania but never to its recent extent. In my mind ‘End of an Era’ signifies the end of the current era in WWE and the beginning of a new one.
Rock/Cena – I have posted on this before. It should be epic and has been built really well in the last couple of months. I hope it delivers.
That’s about all the excitement I can muster for now, so until next time, make mine Mania!

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